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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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The headmaster suspiciously scrutinized Ye Wanwan. “I don’t consider you.”
“Ye Wanwan… That young lady who still owes me many ten thousand recognize points?” The headmaster nodded.
“That’s correct.” Ye Wanwan nodded carefully. “The main reason I previously expected one to hypnotize me was that we misplaced my unique thoughts.”
“You’re that Ye Wanwan?”
The headmaster was astonished.
“Ye Wanwan… That lady who still owes me a number of ten thousand respect issues?” The headmaster nodded.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“Sir Headmaster, how could I be a person who would keep a personal debt past due? Appear, what about you help me to retrieve my recollections first? Given that my memory’s healed, I’ll payback every single mercenary stage I are obligated to pay to Scarlet Fire Academy,” Ye Wanwan promised by using a smile on the lip area.
Due to the fact she shed her experiences, how could she still consider she due Scarlet Flames Academy three million recognition points…?
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“You’re that Ye Wanwan?”
“Headmaster, truthfully discussing, along with being Worriless Nie, We have the second ident.i.ty,” Ye Wanwan reacted that has a faint grin.
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“That’s correct.” Ye Wanwan nodded gently. “The explanation I previously inquired that you hypnotize me was i always missing my original recollections.”
The headmaster questioned her in good wit.
“Maintain on, have on.” The headmaster stared at Ye Wanwan and mulled within the subject for a second before inquiring using a frown, “Just what exactly you’re expressing is the fact as you missing your experiences, you don’t ought to payback three of the million mercenary tips you need to pay?”
“Headmaster, truthfully discussing, apart from simply being Worriless Nie, I have got a second ident.i.ty,” Ye Wanwan replied that has a faint smile.
“Ye Wanwan… That gal who still owes me several ten 1000 honor factors?” The headmaster nodded.
“You’re that Ye Wanwan?”
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“An extra ident.i.ty?” The headmaster wore a strange phrase. “Say about this.”
The headmaster noticed powerless. Why was it so difficult to question someone to negotiate a free account?
Ye Wanwan didn’t refute this point. Just forget about a couple of million mercenary respect issues. Even if it was 17 or 18 hundred 1000, she couldn’t manage to get that level, so she could just imagine what an astronomical number several million recognize tips were.
The headmaster was surprised.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“You’re that Ye Wanwan?”
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Ye Wanwan didn’t oppose this aspect. Forget about three million mercenary recognition tips. Even when it was subsequently 17 or 18 hundred thousand, she couldn’t manage to obtain that level, so she could visualize what an huge quantity several million recognize details ended up.
The headmaster questioned her in great wit.
“Worriless, why aren’t you discussing?” the headmaster required.
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“Sir Headmaster, seem, I already are obligated to pay a few million mercenary details, so a couple thousand is absolutely nothing more… I assure that as soon as I get back my memories and keep in mind recognition tips I need to pay, I’ll definitely fork out all the things lower back!” Ye Wanwan checked convicted.
“Should you still consider Ye Wanwan, Headmaster?” Ye Wanwan requested.
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Ye Wanwan didn’t refute this aspect. Ignore three million mercenary honor tips. Even when it had been 17 or 18 hundred thousands of, she couldn’t manage to accumulate that quantity, so she could picture what an huge multitude a few million recognition factors were definitely.
The headmaster was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with exasperation. He shouldn’t have set up this precedent from the start.
“No no no no.” Ye Wanwan frantically shook her top of your head and checked out him. “Sir Headmaster, you’ve confusing. Don’t you already know me? Am I, Worriless Nie, somebody that way?”
“Sir Headmaster, seem, I already owe about three million mercenary factors, so a few thousand is nothing more… I make sure that once I gain back my experiences and remember the recognition things I owe, I’ll definitely pay off all the things backside!” Ye Wanwan checked convicted.

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